Push, Pull

There has been a longstanding debate about how to best serve people with the news. Some advocate for a “push” strategy, or having all information pushed onto a consumer and then letting them decide. Others hope for a “pull” strategy, or allowing for consumers to pull the information that is best suited to them. 

In essence, a standard newspaper pushes. Consumers don’t decide what appears in their daily newspaper. The information of the day is just thrown into a giant, oversized, floppy bit of paper. It’s up to the reader to decide on what information is worth reading.

The Internet comes from the opposite school of thought. It created a revolution in that consumers could choose what they wanted to read from anywhere. There wasn’t an editor, a journalist, or even a filter at times. It was raw and powerful.

Each mentality has its own benefits, and its own drawbacks. We’re hoping to find the balance of pushing and pulling. We want to push the information that is truly beneficial, and then allow the user to refine that starting point to pull only what they want. It’s a thin line to dance on, but if we get it right there’s no telling what it might mean for news.


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